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One thing is for sure, electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular and that has to do everything with the fact that this is one of the best ways to quit smoking. Not only that, but at the same time you will be able to smoke without fire, which means a lot to someone who is eager to forget about cigarettes. We understand that it is not that easy to do that, especially if you have been smoking for years, but with this revolutionary product that is going to be much easier than you can imagine.

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There is no doubt that it is a much healthier option and one thing is for sure – you will be able to reduce smoking and after a couple of months, you are going to notice that you are not even smoking real cigarettes anymore, which is the ultimate goal. These cigarettes look great, and at the same time no one is even going to notice that you are not smoking a real cigarette, especially when you are in the night club for example.

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This is the fourth generation of the electronic cigarettes and there is no doubt that the improvement is visible. After you order EverSmoke, you are going to see the difference and if you have never been using e-cigarettes before, this is the good choice and you will be more than satisfied with the results, that is for sure. When it comes to design, this brand is on the top, and the same applies for flavor and the battery life.

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EverSmoke is very environment friendly which means that you are going to take care of the environment as well, unlike people who smoke real cigarettes, and that is one of the advantages that these cigarettes have to offer. Earlier versions of this product were a bit too large and now with the new design, you are going to notice the change and that is what matters as well. The length is about 100 mm which is quite standard and that is why no one is going to notice that you are not smoking real cigarettes.

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#3 - V2Cigs

It is not that easy to make a decision when it comes to choosing the brand of electronic cigarettes if you are getting ready to quit smoking. When it comes to this type of the cigarettes, it is very unique since it brings that special taste and feeling while smoking this e-cig, and that is what all the smokers are going to tell you. After you order this cigarette, you are going to get an atomizer, renewable nicotine chamber which is allowing you to smoke the cigarette like it is the usual conventional one.

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You are going to notice glow on the top of the cigarette as you are inhaling, and it is going to be very difficult for people around you to realize that you are not smoking a real cigarette. This is one of the advantages of smoking V2Cigs. This type of e-cigs has a nicotine chamber which is very useful since you can change the cartridges. There are many types and strengths of cartridges and that is another thing that you are going to like about V2Cigs.

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